eisele_connectorsDuring the past weeks Eisele Connectors has again expanded the network of distributors for Eisele connection components in North America, which now includes four new distributors.

Allied Automation of Indianapolis, a major distributor of high-quality automation components from selected manufacturers, covers the majority of the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio. Allied Automation provides support for application solutions and also offers training in important aspects of robotics and automation.
AAP Automation with subsidiaries in Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Arizona focuses on sales, engineering and training for pneumatic systems, as well as all other areas of automation. The company has activities in eight states in the western region of the USA.
Braas Company offers an enormous assortment of automation components from leading global manufacturers and expands the sales area of Eisele Connectors in North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and along the southeast coast. In addition, Eisele Connectors was able to win Youngblood Automation as another competent distribution partner right at the company’s own location in Grand Rapids, Michigan.