eisele_connectorsEisele continues to invest. Due to the positive order situation and our growth strategy, we have expanded our machine park at the production location in Waiblingen to include an additional turning and milling centre.

The new INDEX G220 turning and milling centre allows Eisele to respond to the current trend toward smaller batch sizes and to expand the machining capabilities for more complex components. Equipped with a motorised five-axis milling spindle and a Y-axis tool turret, the machining centre is versatile enough to execute virtually any turning and milling process with extremely high-quality results. Two high-performance motorised spindles ensure fast, high-precision production even in the case of difficult-to-machine stainless steels and highly complex components.
With a tool magazine for 140 tools we can now also produce smaller batch sizes with improved cost effectiveness due to the significant reduction of set-up costs. It also allows us to provide MULTILINE connector bodies with different bore hole types. The INDEX G220 turning and milling centre makes it possible to machine very small workpieces from six sides and with all angles. With the new machine we can now produce ready-made components with a diameter of up to 95 mm. In the past, the maximum possible diameter was 65 mm. Production is much faster and more versatile, and the components do not have to be inserted manually. Eisele is therefore well equipped for the increased demand for our MULTILINE modular kit system, for example.