Meet Eisele Connectors May 7th – 11th at NPE2018 – The Plastics Show in Orlando, Florida, (Booth S10088). We are looking forward to display high-quality connection technology like our versatile solid metal tube connectors for all industrial applications.

One of the exhibited solutions will be the threaded connections in the LIQUIDLINE 2500 series of dezincification-resistant brass. The patented threaded connection technology ensures that tubes remain connected with no leaks even in the event of frequent vibrations or movements of the tube.
Another exhibit is the MULTILINE E series, a very innovative modular kit system for combining compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolant, liquids, electrical wiring and electronics in one connector body. With the MULTILINE E, Eisele is setting standards for tool and format changes in industrial machines and robots. The perfectly compatible modular design allows flexible integration of different tube diameters, connection types and media in one multiple connector.