Coolant fittings in power electronics or electrical engineering applications must be absolutely leakproof for maximum safety. LIQUIDLINE coolant fittings from Eisele Connectors guarantee full reliability and availability of applications. They will be displayed at this year’s NPE2018-The Plastics Show in Orlando.

Leaks in coolant installations in electrical applications often cause short circuits and severe damage to systems. That is why coolant applications in semiconductor production, battery cooling and transformer cooling must be absolutely leakproof. For this purpose, Eisele Connectors developed the screw-in connectors in the LIQUIDLINE 5500 series made of seawater resistant aluminum. They fulfill the special sealing requirements in tubing and can be used together with aluminum heat sinks. The patented screw-in technology ensures that tubes remain connected with no leaks even in the event of frequent vibrations or movements of the tube. To provide solutions for different application scenarios, Eisele Connectors offers the same series in both stainless steel and dezincification-resistant brass.

Improved flow rate even at extreme temperatures
For maximum cooling performance in power electronic applications, Eisele Connectors provides its time-proven solid metal plug connectors with pivoting 90° or 45° elbows as the middle element. The elbow threaded fittings achieve more than 50 percent better flow rates than conventional elbow fittings, since there is no turbulence and no obstruction of the flow to prevent heat dissipation. The coolant fittings are ideal for heavy-duty cooling applications such as welding processes, high-frequency induction heating or power electronics. The improved flow rate of the elbows allows use of smaller diameters to achieve the same cooling effect as with conventional elbow connectors. Due to the large range of high-quality sealing materials, suitably designed Eisele fittings can also be used at temperatures from -50 °C to +200 °C.


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