One modular multiple connector for all media

Gases, liquids, compressed air, electronics, and electricity on one connection. Eisele MULTILINE multiple connectors allow to combine such different connections as vacuum, cooling water, fluids, pneumatics and gases – plus electronic and electric cables – in a single connector.


a revolutionary, modular multiple connector concept

Due to a completely modular system where all single components are fully compatible MULTILINE ADAPTIVE is much more advanced than previous multiple connectors. Eisele developed MULTILINE ADAPTIVE to create a kit system for modular multiple couplings. So called adaptive inserts enable flexible integration of different connection types, diameters and media into one MULTILINE ADAPTIVE modular multiple coupling. When requirements change, the multiple connector can easily be adapted by hand – without any tools! First you select the base body featuring the number of connections needed. The adaptive inserts consist of plug and socket and are mounted easily by plugging them into the hole pattern of the base body. Thanks to the various types of adaptive inserts the user is able to customize exactly the connections that are needed for a particular purpose. The modular multiple coupling MULTILINE ADAPTIVE is modified easily within minutes when technical requirements change. Adaptive inserts can be configured as needed, regardless of cable type, material or hose size. Base bodies and inserts for this genuine modular multiple connector are available in stainless steel, aluminium or brass. Different shut-off functions, seals and diameters provide an individual construction kit.


All electric connections in one housing

MULTILINE E marks the final development stage of our MULTILINE concept for modular multiple connectors. This construction kit includes adaptive inserts for electronic and electric connections. The bore holes for the standardised outer geometry of the adaptive inserts feature a slot to guarantee correct polarity and prevent twisting of the electro inserts. E-connectors include standardised M12 round connectors in different constructions for diverse applications. The options include a version of the M12 power connector for power electronics up to 630 volts, Cube6, A-coding, Ethernet, Profibus and three to twelve pins. Further types of connectors will be developed and provided in accordance with customer requirements. If you miss a particular connector, we are pleased to engineer it for you. Connection cables can be completely customized from almost unlimited possibilities. MULTILINE E modular multiple couplings are the first complete multiple media interface and enable easy and fast adaptation. Of course we also provide complete solutions for pure electronic and electric connections in addition to combined concepts – the number of varieties is nearly unlimited.