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Eisele Connectors

For decades Eisele has been developing high quality connection components of solid metal. We offer around 5,000 catalogue items and 2,000 special custom solutions. We are dedicated to perfect quality. All items on stock in the USA for instant delivery!

What Eisele parts are about:

Our Product Range


The stainless steel connections in hygienic design offer maximum cleanability and meet the demanding requirements of hygiene-sensitive industries, particularly in areas such as food production, medical technology and pharmaceuticals. Find out more about the many advantages of the Eisele CLEANLINE.


Eisele reduces the variety of parts in your warehouse with the new and unique 2-in-1-Connector. This connector allows you to connect two different tube diameters using a sinlge connector: Whether a tube with 1/4“ OD or metric tube with 6mm OD, it does not make a difference, the connector remains the same. This connector provides a higher process reliability, by eliminating the possibility of a mix up due to country-specific connectors.


A range of more than 3,500 standardised types of pneumatic connectors for compressed air, vacuum, gases and fluids – that´s Eisele BASICLINE. All pneumatic connectors are made of high-quality materials. All articles are on stock in the USA and can be delivered in the short term. Eisele provides a complete range of push-in fittings, threaded connections, matching hoses and offers a broad range of accessories. We would be pleased to advise you.


Eisele INOXLINE stainless steel push-in fittings are manufactured of acid-resistant, corrosion-free stainless steel of highest material quality. INOXLINE is completely machined from solid material. That´s why these stainless components are ideal for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry where hygiene and cleanability are most important. INOXLINE stainless steel push-in fittings are based on the design of Eiseles standardised pneumatic connectors. INOXLINE is entirely made of stainless materials. Thanks to precise manufacturing and accurate surface processing all parts can be cleaned easily and completely.

Gases, liquids, compressed air, electronics, and electricity on one connection. Eisele MULTILINE multiple connectors allow to combine such different connections as vacuum, cooling water, fluids, pneumatics and gases – plus electronic and electric cables – in a single connector.


Eisele LIQUIDLINE offers the most comprehensive line of push-in fittings and threaded connections for cooling water circuits. Dezincification-resistant brass was especially designed for closed cooling water circuits. This alloy guarantees long life and functionality off all components. Additional safety is achieved by durable Viton-sealings. LIQUIDLINE threaded connections and push-in fittings for cooling water withstand aggressive watery liquids and many other substances. They are resistant to high and low temperatures.

In addition to solid metal connection components Eisele also offers combined connector and tube systems. The systems consist of Eisele connection components and plastic tubes that are perfectly adapted to each other. From compressed air tubes to special plastic tubes that are resistant to chemicals as well as flames, kinking, hydrolysis or extreme temperatures, Eisele delivers the entire spectrum.


With our MULTILINE CONFIGURATOR you can easily assemble your individual MULTILINE coupling from our MULTILINE modular system. In the video we explain how you can flexibly configure the required parts for a multiple coupling according to your individual requirements in the shortest possible time and generate a finished order request.