Stainless steel connectors in hygienic design

With the Eisele CLEANLINE, we are not only setting new standards in terms of cleanability, safety and efficiency, but are also launching the future standard for industries where hygiene is of paramount importance. Developed to meet the demanding requirements of these industries, their hygienic design enables them to ensure food safety, meet hygiene standards, increase energy efficiency, simplify cleaning processes and minimize downtime.

The CLEANLINE connection technology offers numerous advantages, including a hygienic design with polished surfaces, optimum cleanability, FDA-compliant seals, maximum flow rate, simple installation and the highest quality – all made in Germany. Thanks to hygienic bulkhead connections, we enable a safe transition between hygienic and non-sensitive areas. Our solutions are ideal for applications in food production, filling technology, medical technology and the pharmaceutical and packaging industries.


The CLEANLINE stainless steel connections are characterized by their robustness and durability. They are available in various hose sizes and screw-in threads. Their working pressure range is between 0 and 145 psi, while their temperature range extends from 32°F to 266°F. With EPDM seals, they provide a reliable seal. The hose recommendation for these connections is PU (for example Eisele ProFood) . They are ideal for compressed air and cooling water applications.


In order to be able to cover various applications, Eisele manufactures straight screw-in connections, bulkhead connections and screw plugs in hygienic design. To ensure the highest quality, stainless steel 1.4301 with a smooth surface finish is used for all types. A rounded design prevents dead spaces. In addition, seals against the ingress of dirt (EPDM blue) ensure a reliable seal. Liquids can drain away unhindered.

Series 3028
Straight screw-in connector in hygienic design
Series 3080
Bulkhead connector in hygienic design
Series 3023
Closure screw in hygienic design

In our CLEANLINE flyer you will find all technical data, technical drawings and further information on the respective series.

Since 2015, Eisele has been a member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), a network of experts in the food industry. EHEDG promotes hygienic design in machines and processes. Eisele consistently relies on hygienic stainless steel connection technology. We consider membership of the EHEDG to be essential in order to promote our experience, broaden our horizons and continuously improve our qualifications in the field of hygienic design. In this way, we offer innovative connection solutions as a reliable supplier.

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